Charge & Drive SaaS

  • HQ Helsinki, Finland
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Founded 2011
  • Sector Electric Mobility
  • Status Active
  • Contact Michael Warner
    Business Manager

Fortum's Digital Mobility Platform offers customer value-driven, market-leading and proven digital mobility solutions. The platform's current brands are Plugsurfing and Fortum Charge & Drive SaaS.

Together, these offer a unique and complete package for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging networks. By partnering with leading car manufacturers, such as Polestar, Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover the charging solutions have been made easier for EV drivers.

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We make car charging easy. We do this with a digital platform that connects 400,000 EV drivers with more than 195,000 charging points across Europe.

We build future mobility that our children will be proud of.

Anne Jalkala, VP
Innovation & Venturing Services

The Fortum Charge & Drive platform already handles hundreds of thousands of charging sessions per month.

We offer our software, white-label consumer apps, and a personal commitment to help grow your charging business.

Michael Warner
Business Manager


  • HQ Berlin, Germany
  • Founded 2012
  • Sector Electric Mobility
  • Status Active
  • Contact Adam Woolway
    Managing Director & Co-founder

Plugsurfing is an E-mobility Service Provider offering EV drivers access to the biggest charging networks in Europe.

By using either the app or a RFID Charging Key, drivers can easily find, navigate to, access and pay at charging stations across Europe. To make that possible, Plugsurfing works closely with reputable charging point operators, such as Innogy, EnBW, Allego and Vattenfall.

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