• HQ Helsinki, Finland
  • Founded 2019
  • Sector Electric Mobility
  • Status Active
  • Contact Naba Kumar

eFleetly offer an efficient way to digitally manage battery powered forklift fleets. Through user-friendly interfaces, eFleetly provide warehouse operators comprehensive battery usage analytics.

This allows them to optimise charging and utilisation, record and predict required maintenance and reduce the forklifts' downtime, all with a view to increasing battery life.

Not only do eFleetly extend battery life and make power consumption more efficient, but they also provide a way to recycle batteries once they can no longer be used.

E Fleetly forklifts
E Fleetly ui

We work for a cleaner future through helping warehouse operators to become more predictive and optimised in their forklift battery utilisation and thereby increase battery lifetime.

Together we reduce the amount of hazardous waste being generated.

Naba Kumar