• HQ Espoo, Finland
  • Founded 2019
  • Sector Industrial Virtual Reality
  • Status Active
  • Contact Miko Olkkonen

eSite provides Virtual Reality (VR) and Reality Capture solutions to improve the ways people work remotely around plants, factories and construction sites.

Their high-value offering helps customers leverage digitalization easily, quickly and cost effectively to improve safety as well as operational excellence. Now it is possible to digitize your plant in one single day.

Using groundbreaking technology, eSite allows businesses to access the systems, structures and components of their site at any hour and anywhere. Not only does this save time and money, it also allows visualized effective workflows for site operations and maintenance tasks.

The safe and risk-free virtual environments eSite creates enable efficient project planning and engineering. eSite provides the industrial VR solutions of tomorrow that work today.

E Site VR

We help our clients to step towards a cleaner future by improving safety, operational excellence and competence of employees through new smart technologies.

Miko Olkkonen
Head of eSite